Monday, June 3, 2019

Hurry! Save yourself or be a victim.

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             TROUBLES Mounting for Chinese-Am. Innocent Scientists

o  Emory Univ. fired 2 Ch-Am profs. without due process a few days ago. This came on top of the firings of many senior Chinese Am. researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, some of whom might have stolen U.S. secrets.

o  UConn President Herbst & Dean of Engineering sent troubling memos to their faculty regarding government imposed restrictions on open international exchange of scientific research.  The restrictions seem to include unclassified research during peace time in violation of time-honored international open collaboration in science.  If so, it's outrageous.

More such bad news will come.  

o  There is a race between 80-20 EF's CALL TO ACTION to save innocent Ch-Am science workers & its opposing force.  Join the race. The skin you'll save may be your own.  


WHY? Why was it that within the last 3 months, the top leadership (Chancellors, Presidents together with Provosts) of 4 top universities each issued a campus-wide communication to protect innocent international scientists, including Chinese & Chinese-Am researchers? The institutions are U.C. Berkeley, Stanford, the Univ. of Michigan and U.C. Davis. To read the respective statements, click on (1), (2), (3) and (4).

     Because there is a NEED, Stupid.

Help our CALL TO ACTION Spread much faster

Thus far, we are losing. It's not spreading fast enough! If 100 US universities had already responded to our "call to action", some of the bad news reported above would NOT have happened. You waited, and our opponents got stronger! Thus far, we have

(a) On May 10, 2019 President and Provost of the Univ. of Delware were the first
to responded by sending out a nice campus-wide communication. Xiao-Hai Yan, Mary A. S. Lighthipe Chair Professor of Marine Studies and his colleagues initiated the request.

(b) On May 17, 2019 President Leebron of Rice University send an email to the Board of Houston Chinese Faculty Association.

(c) On May 23, 2019, Yale President Salovey issued a thoughtful statement addressing the issue.

(d) A few more universities are in the process of responding.  

A Role Model Honored by U. of Delaware 2 Days Ago


   Prof. Xiao-Hai Yan of item (a) above was honored 2 days ago for outstanding graduate advising & mentoring.   He was also the one who induced the Univ. of Delaware to be the first to respond to EF's "call to action."

                                 Retorting a Defeatist's View

    An AsAm posted the following defeatist view on 80-20 EF's poster board:

Univerties must follow the conditions set by the US Goverment in order to receive grants from US Government to do research and educational propgrams. If they don't, they will not receive those grants and the universities may not be able to function. So the announcement of those universities are meaningless. US high tech companies follow the US government not to supply China with high tech products , A lot of farmers and companies complain about Trump's tariff to no avail. The democratic USA is actually dictatorial.

My reply to this person:

Have more faith in our democracy, and don't be a defeatist. Have you heard that all politics are local? Hence, the campus communication from the president and provosts of each university will rule supreme on each campus, until challenged, adjudicated and reversed, if at all. In addition, the government rules and regulations will also be challenged in court. If most of our universities declare the same view towards the protection of innocent international scholars in the US, chances are their consensus will prevail. :-)

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