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Courage is your name, AsAms.

Courage Is A Required Ingredient.
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      Last Monday, we asked "What if even the Democratic candidates will not answer 80-20's questionnaire?"

      Here is how 80-20, under S. B. Woo, handled it.  It exemplifies "Courage is your name, AsAms."
                                          The 1st Battle                                              

     By Nov., 2007, candidates like Sens. Biden, Dodd and Gravel had answered 80-20's questionnaire of 6 questions with 6 yeses.  Unfortunately, the apparent "leading" candidate Sen. H. Clinton didn't.  After behind the scenes pleading with Clinton had failed, 80-20 went public with a "call to action" asking the AsAm public to tell Clinton how we felt. That didn't work either.  A battle unfolded.  Happily, Sen. Clinton eventually saw our plight. Here is the e-newsletter-by-e-newsletter description of the battle: 
                   DATE             TITLE OF 80-20's E-NEWSLETTER
             11/27/2007   Call To Action - Write to Sen. Clinton's Campaign
                      12/01   Clinton's Statement Versus 80-20's 6 Questions
                      12/03   Contents of Faxes from AsAms to Sen. Clinton
                      12/05   Spreading Outrage Against Sen. Clinton (80-20 asked
                                   "Does Sen. Clinton have the courage to stand up for 
                                    America's core value -- equal opportunity?)

              12/10/2007   Sen. Clinton Replied graciously to 80-20's questionnaire with All Yeses
                                           The 2nd Battle

    By that time, Sen. Edwards & Gov. Richardson had also answered our questionnaire with 6 yeses.  NOT Sen. Obama, however!

    Behind the scenes pleading occurred.  That didn't  work.  80-20 again went public and issued a "call to action' asking the AsAm public to fax Obama. That didn't work either.  

    An even bigger battle ensued, lasting almost 2 months.  80-20's e-newsletters called on its AsAm supporters to defeat Obama in all future Dem. primaries twice!  We endorsed Sen. Clinton in CA's primary, and bought newspaper and radio ads in CA asking AsAms to vote for Hillary. AsAms responded to 80-20's endorsement by voting 3 to 1 for Hillary, according to CNN.

    Our message got through.  Sen. Obama also graciously answered with 6 yeses.   Here is the e-newsletter-by-e-newsletter description of the battle: 

                         DATE      TITLE OF 80-20's E-NEWSLETTER
                 12/17/2007  * Call To Action -- Fax Sen. Obama
                          12/20  * Fax from Asian Ams to Sen. Obama
                          12/27  * Call To Action - Defeat Obama
                          12/28  * Reactions to "Call to DEFEAT Obama"
                          12/31  * Defeat Obama
                   1/02/2008  * GOOD NEWS
                            1/07  Are the promises Really Iron Clad
                            1/12  An Open Letter to Sen. Obama
                            1/13  * Fantastic Reaction to "Letter to Sen. Obama"
                            1/18  * A Historic Fight Begins in California (80-20 
                                         endorsed Hillary in CA's Democratic primary                                                  against Obama)
                            1/19  * Feedback: We'll Fight This Historic Battle (rooting 
                                          for Hillary)
                            1/21  * Victory Now & For Future Generations (rooting for 
                            1/23  * Great News!  Must read (rooting for Hillary)
                            1/25  * Higher College Admission Bars for Asian 
                                        Ams (rooting for Hillary)
                            1/27  * How close is the race btwn Clinton & Obama 
                                       (Polls showed AsAms voting 3 to 1 for Sen. Clinton)
                             1/29  * Why? Why? Why? Political Insight! 
                                        (rooting for Hillary)

                    1/31/2008    Sen. Obama Replied graciously with all Yeses
   The titles of all the above e-newsletters can STILL be seen on our website.  Click here, & go to the Blog Archive on the right to click on 2007 Nov. and Dec and then 2008 January.   However, the contents of these e-newsletters with a * to the left have all been deleted, because those were words of anger said in a fierce fight.
Who But 80-20, Under the Right Leadership?

   Two great battles fought.  Friendship from two political leaders won!  Who supplied the COURAGE?  YOU!    

   You be the judge.  Do you know any other AsAm org. that has this kind of
political know-how, courage, and accomplishment?

                                 Post your views here.      Donate 
S. B. Woo, 

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

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