Monday, March 25, 2019

Win big via 3/3/20 primaries

Political knowledge that $$$ can't buy

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The 10-state Democratic Primary on 3/3/2020

     It's still a year away.  However, if we are to seize the opportune moment, it is not too early to  (1) know why that day is so important to ALL AsAms 
                                       desiring EQUAL opportunity (EO), and 
                                (2) what we need to do to get ready & win EO.
                              Why is that day, 3/3/2020, so Important?  
      The greatest convergence of opportunity for AsAms will occur during that occasion. We shall use our political clout, created by that convergence, to induce ALL Democratic presidential candidates to help us achieve EO.
[Note: we can't squeeze Trump yet, since he doesn't have a primary opponent. We'll squeeze him before the general election when he'll face the Democratic nominee.] The converging favorable elements are:

1) Winning the CA primary, with the largest number of Convention delegates, is always important.  But having moved CA's primary date up by 3 months
has made winning CA super important.  Remember history?  Candidates reached agreement with 80-20 just before the date of the CA Dem. primary.
Examples are candidate Obama in 2008, and candidate H. Clinton in 2016.

2) Of the 10 states, CA, MA, and NC have adopted a "mixed" system for the Dem. primary. A "mixed" system gives AsAms an advantage in vote-share. Because (a) a "mixed" system allows "unaffiliated" to vote in a Dem. primary, and (b) AsAms have an unusually large % in the sum of "unaffiliated" and Dems! Take CA as an example, we used to have only an 8% vote-share in CA. However, a "mixed" system will give AsAms a 10% vote share.

3) Of the remaining 7 states, 6 actually adopted an "open" primary. They are AL, MN, TN, TX, VT and VA. "Open" primary means any registered voter can vote in a Dem. primary. That again gives 80-20 SuperPAC a huge advantage, if established. Click here to see the recent poll. Witness that almost half of the registered AsAms, be they R or D or Unaffiliated, will vote for whomsoever, recommended by Woo - an extremely rare political occurrence!

4) The 3/3/20 Super Tuesday primary is estimated to have 5 to 9 Dem. candidates. Hence, votes could be scattered in many different directions, except for the AsAm bloc vote. A small plurality, say 35%, will likely be enough to win in any state. The smaller the needed plurality, the more important a bloc vote by a small minority like us will become. Moreover, 80-20 may be able to deliver half of the 35% in CA, where 21% of the total delegates are needed to be the Dem. nominee - that is political clout!
5) The total number of delegates up for grabs on that day is 63% of 1885 votes that are needed to secure the Dem. nomination. Any election strategist reading the list of favorable conditions possessed by AsAms on that day will agree that whoever is endorsed by Woo's SuperPAC will have an edge to win the Dem. nomination.

6) There are things that AsAms could do to double our vote-share in all 10
primaries, as is explained 2 paragraphs below, although admittedly it will be very difficult.

7) The above 6 favorable factors help the 80-20 SuperPAC, if formed,
to occupy a very strong bargaining position to win EO for the 16 million AsAms.   Political know-how, dedication, will and ability can change the odds, and brighten our future. 

         What do we need to do to get ready ?  Vote on that day!
     In 2016, 6.87 million Californians voted in the CA primaries (D & R) while 14.2 million voted in the general election. In other words, less than half of the eligible voters (6.87/14.2 = 0.48) will normally vote in a primary. The paucity of voters on primary day, applies not only to CA but to all states.  Hence, if all eligible AsAms vote in the primary election, our regular x% vote-share will jump to a 2x% voter share.  In CA, it will be a 20% vote share! 

     80-20 SuperPAC could become the KINGMAKER of the Democratic Convention on that day, provided that all AsAm Dems. and Unaffiliated vote that day.

    Is driving all our votes out on a primary day easy?  NO!  But if you really
want equal opportunity for yourself and your children, YOU need to start educating all AsAm voters about the importance of voting on that primary election day - a small sacrifice for one day to help yourself and your children win EO forever!   Be sure to let AsAm mail ballot voters know that too.

     If you are not willing to sacrifice that little, then you deserve to be a 2nd class citizen.  We are leading you to the golden opportunity, will YOU 
take it?

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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

PS:  Thanks to YOUR generosity, SELF has reached $3.4 million.  However, tax-deductible donations can NOT be used for political campaigns to help elect a candidate. The SuperPAC, if formed, will have to raise money.
To know more about 80-20, view these videos :  (Ignore the last 35 secs. The election is over.)