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Defending AsAms with courage & integrity

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    Did AsAms support 80-20 EF's last e-newsletter entitled " Defending AsAms at a Crucial Time"??? 

     AsAms supported unanimously & greatly EF's letter to the 2 co-chairs of the "Chinese Influence & American Interests: Promoting Constructive Vigilance" article!!! 

     YOU supported with words and $$, more than $15,000 within 1 day of the publication of our e-newsletter.   Indeed, other AsAm communities jumped in to support, including but not limited to, (1) the president of the LARGEST 
Indian-Am org in the US, NFIA, and (2) Yolanda Stern, President Emeritus of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce, and perhaps  the BEST known Filipino Am in the nation  Their supporting emails and more are copied from theposter Board of our last e-newsletter and republished below:

 Comment/feedback # 41             
S.B., your letter is superb! I just got back from the family holiday vacation. My first action is to spread your words ... Cliff     For commenting on #41

 Comment/feedback # 40             
Dear S.B., A late Happy New Year! I read your article on Hoover Institute and Asia Society China Center. Totally agree with you. And support you! Haipei     For commenting on #40
 Comment/feedback # 39             
Thumbs up. Thumbs up. Thumbs up.  For commenting on #39

 Comment/feedback # 38             
Kudos to you, SB! Thank you. I have been in Asia since November and will return in about 8 days. Best New Year wishes to you and Katie. Ed    For commenting on #38

 Comment/feedback # 36             
Dear Mr Woo, Happy New Year ! I am very very sorry that I was in and out of country a lot , missed several payments, the funds are reserved in the bank, ready to send over this week, just let me know how much total I owe ? (minssing 3 years or 4 year's ? ) Thank you so much for everything you did for Asian ! You are our hero ! Linda     For commenting on #36

  Comment/feedback # 37   (A feedback on # 36 )             
Dear Linda: You are such a role model in sending such a nice response. Thank you. I'll send a detailed answer under separate covers. Happy New Year. SB     For commenting on #37

 Comment/feedback # 35             
A powerful rebuttal indeed!     For commenting on #35

 Comment/feedback # 34             
So glad to read this, Dr. Woo. Your comments are spot on! This is an important issue that needs attention, especially these times when Chinese students are no longer welcome at institutions of higher learning, some prohibited in pursuing higher degrees merely because of their ethnic heritage. I fear a return to the McCarthy era.     For commenting on #34

 Comment/feedback # 33             
Dr. Woo, Thank you very much for sending the letter to the authors of that racist article. Hopefully, they will retract their accusations. Happy New Year, Paul     For commenting on #33

 Comment/feedback # 31             
Thank you very much Mr. Wu for standing up and speaking up for all of our AsAm community. I admire your courage and integrity. May the new year bring you good health, peace and prosperity.     For commenting on #31

  Comment/feedback # 32   (A feedback on # 31 )             
Happy New Year to you and your family. The next time your communicate with me, would you kindly consider leaving you name please? Our community will always be very weak, until more people will have the courage of their convection. :-) Thank you.     For commenting on #32

 Comment/feedback # 29             
Dear Mr. S.B.Woo: I was elected as president of NFIA but me tenure started January 1, 2019. Everyone is now done with holidays/vacation so now I will place this on agenda for this month's meeting. I will keep you posted. Happy New Year!! Regards, AngelaAnand     For commenting on #29

  Comment/feedback # 30   (A feedback on # 29 )             
Dear Angela: Congratulations upon your election as the national president of National Federation of Indian American organizations, NFIA, the largest domestic Indian Am. organization in America. I, as the President of 80-20 EF, welcome forming a special relationship with NFIA. I fondly recall the many years when your husband Rajen Anand serving on our Board. Happy New Year. Regards, SB     For commenting on #30

 Comment/feedback # 26             
Dear Dr. Woo, Happy and Healthy New Year! At the Dec. Board meeting of NCCA (National Council sif Chinese Americans), 美国华人全国委员会,I made the development of strategic partnership relationship between NCCA and your 80-20 Educational Foundation a meeting item. NCCA BOD accepted my proposal. Now, we can start to work together for Chinese Americans on many issues. Please provide your advice for next step. Thanks. Best, Ji President of NCCA     For commenting on #26

  Comment/feedback # 28   (A feedback on # 26 )             
Dear Prof. Su: Happy New Year. I welcome NCAA (National Council sf Chinese Americans), 美国华人全国委员会's decision to develop a strategic partnership relationship with 80-20 EF. Those in our nation who want to intimidate our community should know that your LOW PUNCH SHALL ONLY AWAKEN OUR COMMUNITY. :-) :-) SB     For commenting on #28

 Comment/feedback # 24             
Pete, Happy New Year. Thank you for forwarding the eloquent 80-20 protest to the article by the two co-authors from Hoover Institution. S.B. Woo is doing a great service for the Chinese American community. I am proud of him and of the organization (80-20 Education Foundation) that he leads. As you know, despite the alleged "freedom of speech" in this country, you'd be a big hero if you denounce, even revile, China for no good reason or without a shred of evidence --- like making a tongue-in-check forecast for the "collapse" of China, as Gordon Chang did in his book. But, on the other hand, if you refrain from bad-mouthing China---- let alone speaking the truth in support of China ---- you'd be accused of being an invidious agent of the Chinese Communist Party (CC  ... more ... 

  Comment/feedback # 25   (A feedback on # 24 )             
Dear Prof. James C. Hsiung: You are Professor of Politics & Int'lLaw, New York University. Your support of my letter means a to to me. Thank you. SB     For commenting on #25

 Comment/feedback # 21             
Great letter! Well reasoned!     For commenting on #21

 Comment/feedback # 20             
SB, I am thinking of running for a political position in Virginia. How do I get on the ballot? Advice? Thanks, April Tan Principal April's Appropriate Advice     For commenting on #20

  Comment/feedback # 23   (A feedback on # 20 )             
Very easy. Go to the website of your state's Election Commission, register your candidacy and pay a small fee. The only qualification is U.S. citizenship and years of residence in your locality. You may first want to ask yourself why you want to run for an office. Can you serve well? Best wishes, SB     For commenting on #23

 Comment/feedback # 17             
I endorse the call to question the allegations and demand a fair response to back the claim. Thank you for sharing and for making us aware of this issue. The highly respected H.I. is often perceived as having accurate analyses of issues and no Asians question their OpEds. So once again S.B., thank you and Happy New Year. Yolanda Yolanda Tan Ortega Stern President - One World Institute Founder & President Emeritus -FPACC "It takes a World and You!"     For commenting on #17

  Comment/feedback # 19   (A feedback on # 17 )             
Dear Yolanda: Good to her from you. You, Yolander Stern, are just about the best-known Filipino-America in the nation. I appreciate your support very much. Let's wait to hear from the 2 co-chairs of the H.I. article. Depending on how they answer, we may need to work together on this serious issue. Best, SB     For commenting on #19

 Comment/feedback # 16             
Dear Mr. Woo, Thank you for your letter to the H.I. Can you provide more background information about the H.I.? Happy New Year to you! Sincerely, FL     For commenting on #16

 Comment/feedback # 14             
DEAR FELLOW AsAmS: IN ADDITION to the supportive posts below, we have received at least 20 donations within 6 hours of the sending of this e-newsletter,. The total amount of donations we've receive within that period is more than $10,000, including $5,000 from the Hu Family Foundation and $3,000 from Xiaomei Song. I think you for being so supportive when we are just doing what we should be doing. Happy New Year to all of you. SB     For commenting on #14

 Comment/feedback # 12             
The letter in response to the Hoover Institute's article is powerful and worth quoting among the Chinese community. Thumbs up for Mr. Woo! Proud to be a member of 80-20 EF.     For commenting on #12

 Comment/feedback # 11             
The letter is well done. Thank you for defending our rights! Pamela Pan, Ph.D     For commenting on #11

 Comment/feedback # 10             
Thank you for this, SB. It makes me proud to be a supporter. C     For commenting on #10

 Comment/feedback # 9             
Dear 80-20 and Mr. Woo, Happy New Year! Thanks for all you have done for the Chinese American Community. I would like to add my personal email to the subscription list. Currently I only have my government official email to be included. Please add this email as well. Thanks very much! Sincerely, Ting Mei Chau     For commenting on #9

 Comment/feedback # 8             
Dear Dr. Woo, Thank you very much for standing out to defend the integrity of the Chinese American community! Yiting Yang     For commenting on #8

 Comment/feedback # 7             
Dear friends, If AsAm do not object or counter the lies propogated by ultra right wing organizations or the Congress immediately, the media will take these lies as truths & the government will target any AsAm in our country for any reason! Dr Woo is wise & brave enough to speak out against any racism or hypocrisy of these groups! AsAm must unite to protect our rights or they will be trampled on ! We must also have representation in Congress & local government. Vote and run for office. First, join & support 80-20ef, the best organization to protect our rights! Nancy Sent from my iPhone     For commenting on #7

 Comment/feedback # 6             
Dear Mr. Woo: Thank you for your letter and standing up for the community. You are one of the rare people in the Chinese American community who has the guts and wisdom to deal with this broad stroke racism against and political silencing attack on us. We need more people like you and more people to support you in defending our reputation. I think the problem with the community is most of us grow up in a police state and are not accustomed to stand up and make noise. We need education and training. Do you travel? It would be great to have you speak at conferences around the country. Thank you and Happy New Year! Best, Lora     For commenting on #6

 Comment/feedback # 5             
Good job. TFS     For commenting on #5

 Comment/feedback # 4             
I am ashamed of the Committee of 100 ! Billy K. Yeh, M.D., Ph.D.     For commenting on #4

  Comment/feedback # 22   (A feedback on # 4 )             
Yes, C-100 needs to STEP UP. Its officers may want to be aware that as an officer his/her job is to fulfill C-100's mission and serve our community. Some seems to think being an C-100 officer is a stepping stone in their career paths. C-100 since its inception seemed to worship "success" rather service and self-respect. I resigned from C-100 because I repeatedly appealed to the membership quoting JFK:"To those whom much is given much is expected." My appeal fell on deaf ears, so I stopped wasting my time on them. Still when our community is seemingly under threat, we need to unite as many unitable as possible. SB     For commenting on #22

 Comment/feedback # 3             
Dear SB: What an excellent job you have done! A hearty thanks to you from me. Wishing you a Happy New Year!     For commenting on #3

 Comment/feedback # 2             
Dear SB: I have never been at the front line or in the trenches. I have zero experience in organizing any community, Asian-American or otherwise. My interest in Asian-American issues has always been historical and sociological, not political, although the distinction is blurring nowadays. I admire greatly your energy and your dedication. To me, they are inspiring. You can count on my support of 80-20. I shall follow closely your messages and participate in 80-20 activities when opportunities present themselves. PoKay     For commenting on #2

 Comment/feedback # 1             
Thank you, SB. Your letter to HI worth a million dollars to me at least. Without you action, we, the Chinese Americans, are becoming the whipping boys to people who have alternative motives. Your action speaks very loud to people like me. I cannot do much. But I promise you I will donate at least $1,000.00 to 80-20 EF in 2019. Happy New year Ching-Chang Tsai     For commenting on #1

      Conclusion?   When we have the courage to defend our rights, our community UNITES as one.  So, let's not be timid.   Stand up for ourselves!

     I've heard from one of the co-chairs of the Hoover Institute article again. 
Dr. Orville Schell of Asia Society said that the authors of those controversial sections would write me in a few days.  EF will evaluate the group's evidence fairly.   If not satisfied, we'll demand retraction and apology.  We may have to FIGHT to defend our rights to speak out & NOT be intimidated by false allegations.

     Forward EF's e-newsletters to all your AsAm friends.  

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