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Saluting AsAms Who Practiced SELF Help

Saluting AsAms Who Practiced SELF-help!
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                         How Chintzy & Stupid We Used To Be

   Times were AsAms hardly donated to help out our own organizations.
Apparent Result:  AsAm organizations like OCA of D.C., AALDEF of NY,
                               & APALC of LA all had to go outside of our community 
                               to get funding for their respective annual expenditures.

Real Result:  Money talks. These same organizations all filed amicus briefs                        to support "race-preference" admissions, which 98 % of 
                       AsAms are against*.

Who have suffered?  We all have suffered, including OCA, AALDEF and 
                                    APALC, which are by now increasingly isolated from 
                                    our community.

                           How Glorious Our Donors are NOW

   Times are 80-20 EF, seeing how raising money from outside of our community has terrible consequences, started the SELF project (Self Empowerment Longterm Fund) declaring to raise money from AsAms only.   That project started a NEW donation trend in our community, which EF is
truly proud of.

Apparent Result:  In 4.5 yrs, AsAm donors helped EF build a war chest of 
                               $3 million plus its expenditures in those years

Real Result:  AsAms have begun to practice SELF-HELP, which is of the
                       utmost importance for us to win our eventual equal 

Who has gained?  We all have gained, including OCA, AALDEF & APALC. 
                                When these orgs. begin serving our community's true
                                interests, they'll be able to raise funds from AsAms 

                               Example of the Exemplary Donors

     Click on http://www.80-20ef.org/SELF_results.html to see for yourself the following exemplary donation examples.  They gave till it hurt.

(1) Hundreds of SELF donors have already completed their pledges in less 
     than 5 yrs.  Their names are honored with a pink background.  Find your 
     own name.

(2) Hundreds of people have donated more than they've pledged. See the   
     red $ figure being their annual pledge amount.  An example Is:
Lee, Henry J., NY, NY     $ 7000/y plus $3000          Confirmed4       31,000

(3) Scroll down to the middle of the webpage, where the category of Donors 
     is shown.  There are about 203 persons who have already completed 
     their 5-yr. pledges.  About half of them have kept on donating even after 
     that give till it hurts! See an example below:
Liao, Hank, Irvine, CA   $ 100/y plus $1000Confirmed51,500
      Hank donated another $1,000 after completing his 5-yr pledge of $500.

(4) One generous couple, the Mitchell Lous of Houston, TX, even 
     committed to donate $2000 per year till 2028!  They are $4,000/yr for 5
     yrs donors to begin with. They'll have donated $24,000 by the end of 
     2019.  :-)

      Wow!  With such a wonderful NEW donation tradition, our future 
will be bright!  I hope that more AsAm orgs. will focus on serving AsAm interests earnestly, so that they'll also get financial support from you.

The Really Rich AsAms Are Missing In Action!

       The really rich AsAms have NOT shown up yet.  They are on record to have donated tens and even hundreds of millions to causes outside of our community, but NOT to their own people.   What a shame.  

80-20 EF has the courage to call things as it sees
 -- for the GOOD of the AsAm community!

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

80-20 EF sponsored an OPEN, NEUTRAL survey in 2012 for more than 30 days in which all participants had the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE between agreeing or disagreeing with 80-20's advocated position - a race neutral admissions policy. The following was what we found: 
o Total number of valid surveys: 50,277

o FOR/AGAINST ratio of all survey participants: 48.6 to 1 

o Valid surveys taken by Asian Ams (self-identiied): 47,107
o FOR/AGAINST ratio of Asian Am. survey takers:  52.4 to 1.

o Valid surveys taken by non-Asian Ams (self-identified): 3,120
o FOR/AGAINST ratio of non-Asian Am. survey participants: 23.0 to 1

Click here to verify.

To know more about 80-20, view these videos :
https://youtu.be/dB3eGVqG-wA  (Ignore the last 35 secs. The election is over.)