Thursday, June 8, 2017

DON'T intentionally mislead your own people

Don't tolerate public lies seemingly designed to mislead us

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Preamble:  To win equal opportunity for ourselves, we need 
 to work together & NOT intentionally mislead our own people.

          An Irresponsible Person Lied Publicly

    A person by the name of David Tian Wang in CA, a fairly 
well-known person in some sectors of the Chinese-Am 
community stated insistently in that he had 
voted in the CA primary, although he was NOT a U.S. citizen.  
Click here to verify.    Many may find his deceitfulness and 
arrogance amusing.  Many people wrote 80-20 and requested 
that we find out if he actually voted.  80-20 investigated. It was 
obvious that David Tian Wang did not vote in the CA primary 
of 2016.  He lied to deceive his own people.

    80-20 PAC obtained a voters list from the state of CA.  The 
following is what we found, through the help of Daniel Zhu of 
Palo Alto CA, a high school student with exceptional computer 
skills and facilities.

1.  shows the 
locations of all possible Wangs, with the first name of David 
and/or Tian, and

2. shows the four 
persons with that name living near or at Diamond Bar, CA, 
where David Tian Wang resides. 

   The two people at Diamond Bar, are age 50+ and the two 
others have registered to vote before 2010, while this David 
Tian Wang is 33 yrs of age and claimed to be voting for the 
1st time in 2016.

For each person we have the following in the records: 
  • CountyCode
  • RegistrantID
  • ExtractDate
  • LastName
  • FirstName
  • MiddleName
  • Suffix
  • AddressNumber
  • HouseFractionNumber
  • AddressNumberSuffix
  • StreetDirPrefix
  • StreetName
  • StreetType
  • StreetDirSuffix
  • UnitType
  • UnitNumber
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Phone1Area
  • Phone1Exchange
  • Phone1NumberPart
  • Phone2Area
  • Phone2Exchange
  • Phone2NumberPart
  • Phone3Area
  • Phone3NumberPart
  • Phone4Area
  • Phone4Exchange
  • Phone4NumberPart
  • Email
  • MailingAddressLine1
  • MailingAddressLine2
  • MailingAddressLine3
  • MailingCity
  • MailingState
  • MailingZip5
  • MailingCountry
  • Language
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • PartyCode
  • Status
  • RegistrationDate
  • Precinct
  • PrecinctNumber
  • RegistrationMethodCode
  • PlaceOfBirth
  • NamePrefix
  • NonStandardAddress
  • VoterStatusReasonCodeDesc
  • AssistanceRequestFl




                Irresponsible Reporting

     Remember UA Flight 3411?   A person by the pen name 
of "Seattle雷尼尔", claiming to be an insider of the airlines 
 industry, posted on and that 
3 of the 4 rejected passengers were AsAms.  Even after 
the real number of rejected AsAm passengers was known, 
 he/she didn't correct it.  Click here (1 , 2) to verify.  
     To err is human.  Unfortunately, intentional & public 
lies confuse the loyal  users of ethnic social media.  These 
liars hurt not only the reputation of the social media but also 
the Asian American community, which has increasingly used 
such media for getting information. 80-20 appeals to AsAm 
 social media to tighten their standards.  
For abusers like David Tian Wang and "Seattle 雷尼尔", who 
seemingly wanted to mislead our community, their respective 
accounts may need to be suspended for a period of time, as 
a warning.

Epilogue: We must work together.  80-20 will be delighted to 
work with the above two individuals, too, if they stop intentionally 
deceiving their own people.  This will create a win-win for the 
social media institutions, for the people who use these 
media, for our community and indeed for these 2 individuals.

S. B. Woo 
President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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