Monday, September 19, 2016

Harvard AGREES with 80-20 on Admissions

Harvard Crimson's Editorial Board Agrees 100% with
80-20 on College Admissions Policy

Incredible News, but True
   Alright, it is not the Harvard Administration but the Editorial Board of the Harvard Crimson that agrees virtually completely with 80-20 on admissions policy.  It is a HUGE STEP toward achieving our goal.  So support 80-20's petition with all your might and spread the word to all AsAms.

Q1: What is 80-20's position on college admissions, as expressed in its petition?

A:   We embrace diversity.  However, 80-20 condemns an admissions policy that results in requiring AsAm applicants to score 140 SAT points higher than white applicants in order to gain equal access. It's blatant discrimination.  

Q2:  What is Harvard Crimson's Editorial Board's position, published a few days ago? 

A:   Virtually the same as 80-20's position.  Read its statements:

     "... Nevertheless, the benefits of affirmative action do not justify fully 
       ignoring claims about Asian-American admissions. .....  Rather than 
       pitting minorities against each other, the greater scrutiny that Harvard 
       is undergoing should shed light on the mechanics of admissions for 
       the sake of transparency. For instance, one study found that Asian-   
       Americans require 140 more SAT points than white peers to gain 
       entry to private colleges. While statistics like this one may very well 
       be benign, it deserves more attention to counter claims of discrimination."

   You may not believe it, the emphasis on " required 140 more SAT points than white peers  ..."  was added by the Crimson's Editorial Board itself !

Q3:  Why hasn't 80-20's Petition, taking such a wise position, reached 100,000 signers yet?

A:  Many AsAms are afraid to disagree with the majority.  They don't know that a large portion of the majority doesn't necessarily agree with Harvard.   Out of good intentions, they tell 80-20:
        "Don't be a fool.  When you challenge the whites for getting a 140 SAT
         points advantage over us, the whites are going to dislike us.  It's a 
         fight that we can't win." 

   Let's recall what Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "There is nothing to fear except fear itself."

Q4:  What is so wise about 80-20's position?

A:  It is a middle of the road position.  We side with Harvard's desire to achieve diversity.  But we strongly oppose yielding 140 SAT points to white peers, which is blatant discrimination against AsAms.  

   Not to be discriminated against is our business.  Diversity in its student body is Harvard's business.  Not to set quotas is the law of the land.
Q5:  How does the Harvard Crimson reflect on Harvard University?  

A: Extremely well.  The editors upheld the best ideals of America.  They put the Harvard Administration, which preaches transparency but hides its own admission data, to shame.

Q6: Will the majority of whites share the enlightened views of the Harvard Crimson?

A:  Most likely.  80-20 did a lot of the "testing of waters" with whites BEFORE mounting its petition.  Most whites responded saying, "If the 140 SAT points advantage enjoyed by white applicants is true, of course you should protest and sue."  The editors of the Harvard Crimson essentially said the same thing.

Go sign the petition now!  

Not to accept discrimination against us is OUR BUSINESS!

 FORWARD THIS EMAIL to AsAms & urge them to sign this petition.
                         Let's reach 100,000 signers quickly.   

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

To know more about 80-20, view these videos:  (Ignore the last 35 secs.The CA primary is over. An EC is to decide whether to endorse Trump or Clinton.) (Ignore the appeal for funds.  SELF has succeeded.)