Tuesday, August 2, 2016

7 reasons to join the PETITION

7 Reasons to Join the Petition
1) Undeniable Evidence of Discrimination:
    Even The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court agrees that Asian American students are discriminated against and the Court's "willful blindness to Asian-American students is absolutely shameless."*
2) Sad Consequence 1: Too heavy a burden on our youths
     In Palo Alto, CA the pressure on AsAm kids to excel, in order to overcome  the extra 140 SAT points they have to yield to white applicants for equal access to elite universities, is so high that the suicide rate is 4 times higher  than the national average.  
3) Sad Consequence 2:  Our students lose self-respect for themselves
     School counselors are advising AsAm students to deny their racial identity and cultural heritage, when applying to elite colleges.
4) Sad Consequence 3:  Our adults lose self-respect from everyone
      When we just sit and take this and not fight back,
         a) our children will lose respect for us,
         b) our spouses will lose respect for us, 
         c) our friends will lose respect for us, and
         d) most important of all, we will lose self-respect.  Can we still look at ourselves in the mirror & feel good, albeit living in a big house and driving fancy cars.
5)  Only 1 Alternative:  Sign the petition and fight
      Our children's fate is in our hands.  No one else will fight for our children, but ourselves.  Click here to sign up.
6)  Things Could Get Worse:
     If we don't fight, the free-market nature of the U.S. could make  
        a) the admission barriers against our children even higher,
        b) the glass ceiling against our adults in workplaces even lower,
        c) internment of AsAms more likely, if there is a war in Asia.
7)  AsAm UNITY Beckons - our ultimate salvation:
     The desire and anger to eliminate the discrimination against our students is fervently shared by ALL AsAms.  If there is ONE issue that will unite the varied Asian American components, this is it.  When the 20 million AsAms are united, we shall overcome. Indeed, we'll help make America a "more perfect union."
     Click here to sign the petition together with your spouse NOW.  Next please recruit your friend to sign.  Use Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and others.TOGETHER, we shall overcome.

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

Some read politics into this battle.  Look!  This is about fighting for our students/children. It is NOT about Democrats or Republicans.  Yes, the 3 dissenting Justices were appointed by Republican presidents.  But Justice Kennedy, who voted on the other side, was appointed by Pres. Reagan.   
80-20 knows politics.  We are " covering your back" and mounting the the kind of operation that no other AsAm organizations or individuals can possibly mount.  So support this effort, when you have a chance.   80-20 is only as strong as you are.  Click sign the petition NOW!
To know more about 80-20, view these videos :
https://youtu.be/dB3eGVqG-wA (Ignore last 35 secs. 80-20's primary candidate has won.)
http://youtu.be/h781_ECSJYM (Ignore the appeal for funds. SELF has succeeded.)
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