Saturday, May 23, 2015

Open Letter to AWISV (Part II)

Dear Asian Am. Workers in Silicon Valley (AWISV):
Great response to 80-20's Open Letter I !
In 4 days, SELF's "Total Donation" reached $500,003 per year for 5 years. "Total received" climbed to $ 1,103,296.  Click here to verify.
Enough? No!   Can't do big-time politics on the cheap. Recall that AIPAC, a Jewish political organization, has an annual budget of $67 million. 

Q:  Can 80-20 actually help AsAm break glass ceilings?  Give examples!
A:  YES!  Two examples.        

(1) 80-20 broke the glass ceiling for AsAm lawyers and judges in becoming life-tenured federal judges - tripling the number and getting 4 Appeals Court judges. Click here for evidence.
(2) See how 80-20 helped push up the glass ceiling for the 100,000 AsAm government workers.  Focus on the heights of the green bars for all races and gender.  For government workers, the top is merit-based SES (Senior Executive Service) level which is normally promoted from the G15 level.  

In 2003, the (SES/G15) level is the lowest for AsAms when compared to all other Americans.  It was only 0.33 that of the "chance to rise" of the national average, represented by the blue dashed horizontal line and arbitrarily set to be 1. 

In 2008, 80-20 asked presidential candidate Obama if he would help AsAms break glass ceiling.  Sen. Obama replied "YES".   By 2012, the (SES/G15) ratio has risen to 0.62, however, we still face the lowest glass ceiling, because we are so dis-organized and such cowards.  But it is an 88% improvement over 9 years and primarily improved during Obama's presidency.

Q:  Don't see much improvement in the blue (private industry) and red (university) bars.  Explain that please.
A:  President Obama can appoint federal judges and SES appointees (e.g.

Dep. Sec. of DOL Christ Lu has the sign off on all SES appointees).  He can't appoint managers and administrators in private industries and universities. 

In those areas, we (you and 80-20) need to apply a RETAIL approach, which include the following steps:
(1) Invite the next president to come to S.V. to make a major speech regarding giving minorities equal opportunity, possibly connecting with the industries in the S.V.  80-20 will use the occasion to put all relevant parties together;
(2) Connect with local capable AsAm leaders and civic organizations;
(3) Hook in the media, including buying a full-page ad in Mercury News, and;
(4) Form teams to visit CEO of companies in the S.V. area to enlist their critical support and commitment.
Again, we'll spare you the details.
To fight or not to fight?  
God Helps Only Those Who Help Themselves!
The only way we'll win equal opportunity is if YOU help 80-20 also.  This seems like such a GREAT deal for AWISV.  We hope that AWISV will get it.  After all, it involves not only your pragmatic interests but also your dignity.  Your donation urges us to fight.  You inaction tells us that you'd rather suffer discrimination.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Asian Am. National Educational Foundation, Inc.
*If SELF fails, all donations will be returned in full.  I and all other old war horses don't benefit from a penny of your money.  

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80-20's Top 10 Accomplishment, published 3 years ago.