Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Do your share to make it IMPOSSIBLE!

                               Cause and Effect !

     80-20 was and still is the first & only Asian Am national org. to oppose the "race-preference" college admissions.  See its 5/12/2012 e-newsletter, entitled "Battles Have Begun."    

     2.5 years later, the following BiGGEST & MOST PRESTIGIOUS periodicals published articles pointing to the unfairness of "race-preference" college admissions against AsAm students.
(1) Nov. 9, 2014, USA  Today, "Asians Get the Ivy League's Jewish Treatment ",
(2) Nov. 9, 2014 , Wall Street Journal, "Harvard's Asian Problem",
(3) Nov. 10, 2014 NY Times, "Is Harvard Unfair to AsAm?",
(4) Dec. 26, 2014Atlantic Magazine"Do diversity indirectly discriminate against Asian Americans?"  

     Read the words used in these titles: "Jewish Treatment", "Problem,"Unfair" and "discriminate" .

                    A Widening Rank -- LA Times Joins 
                                           "How can this be possible?"

       LA Times is headquartered in LA, where 2 million AsAms make their living.  Its article on the unfairness of "race-preference" college admissions against AsAm students is most welcome.

    Here is AN EXCERPT from Frank Shyong's article.  To read the full article click here.

      " "Let's talk about Asians," she (an instructor for college applicants)  says. 

         Lee's next slide shows three columns of numbers from a Princeton University study that tried to measure how race and ethnicity affect admissions by using SAT scores as a benchmark. It uses the term "bonus" to describe how many extra SAT points an applicant's race is worth. She points to the first column.

         African Americans received a "bonus" of 230 points, Lee says.She points to the second column.  "Hispanics received a bonus of 185 points."  

          The last column draws gasps.  Asian Americans, Lee says, are penalized by 50 points - in other words, they had to do that much better to win admission . . . .  

          "Zenme keyi," one mother hisses in Chinese.  How can this be possible?   . . . . "      (All emphasis added by S. B. Woo)

                                Do Your Share!

      Ask not "
How can this be possible?",  ask if you've done your part to MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE!
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