Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Supreme Court Decision on College Admissions

   The Supreme Court issued its decision on college admissions yesterday. In a 7 to 1 decision, it referred the case back to the Court of Appeals with the following key instructions.

(1)  The Supreme Court made it clear that race-conscious admissions should NOT be used unless there is "no workable race-neutral alternatives (that) would produce the educational benefits of diversity (emphasis added)". 80-20 advocates a race-neutral college admissions policy. We are also for diversity. However, diversity should be achieved WITHOUT discriminating against Asian American college applicants, e.g. by replacing "race" with "class". We are delighted that the Supreme Court seems to agree with both key points that 80-20 has advocated.

   Nevertheless, given that the case is referred back to the Court of Appeals, no final conclusion should be drawn except one -- we are better off today than a year ago.

(2)  The SC also asked the lower court to apply "strict scrutiny" in determining whether "race-conscious" in college admissionis called for.
   Justice Anthony Kennedy writing for the majority stated, "Strict scrutiny does NOT permit a court to ACCEPT a school's assertion that its admissions process uses race in a permissible way WITHOUT CLOSELY EXAMINING how the process works in practice.(emphasis added)"

  80-20 hopes that the so-called Asian Am. civil rights organizations such as      
         AALDEF of New York,
         OCA of Washington D.C.,
         AAJC of Washington D.C. and
         APALC of Los Angeles
will take Justice Kennedy's statement above to heart. They should apply "strict scrutiny" before accepting NAACP's and universities' assertion that the current "admissions process uses race in a permissible way."  Now is their time to join 98% of the Asian Americans who prefer "race-neutral" college admissions.

   80-20 is proud to have helped Asian American students get a step closer to enjoying equal opportunity to enter elite colleges. We shall continue to battle until Asian American adults and children enjoy equal opportunities fully.

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S.B. Woo, volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation