Friday, March 8, 2013

Are our "rich & powerful" doing their share to help? (I)

   "To those whom much is given, much is expected." --
                                                                          John F Kennedy

   Are our "rich & powerful" doing their due shares to help Asian Americans become equal citizens of the USA?

   This is such a sensitive topic that few will dare to touch with a 10-Foot-pole. However, for the sake of our community, 80-20 EF believes that we must together examine this issue and let truth be known.

   Frankly, most Asian Americans believe that our elites, on the average, have not done their share. Their collective records are not good.

   (a) Donation Record of Our RICH: Many Asian Ams have donated tens of millions to good causes in the mainstream society. We thank them for that. However, our rich has been STINGY toward its own community. Personally, I don't know of a single Asian Am. who has donated more than $3 million to an Asian Am. cause.

   (b) Performance Record of Our POWERFUL: Our so called "powerful" have truly been TIMID to fight against inequities committed against its own people. Examples of serious injustices committed against Asian Ams are:

     i) Extreme paucity in life-tenured Asian Am. federal judges;

     ii) Irrefutable statistical evidence that Asian Ams have the lowest manager-to-worker ratio in private industries, universities and the federal government when compared to all other races/ethnics.

    iii) Asian Am students face the highest college admission bars, higher than that for white applicants! It is blatantly ANTI-Asian-Am. but disguised as an affirmative program.

   Did any of our elected Asian Am. officials or former cabinet and sub-cabinet member, or university trustees and presidents or ethnic media CEOs & editors, or president & executive director of our national civic organizations fight for us on these issues? NO!

   Was it because such inequities were unsolvable? NO! 80-20 Initiative has tackled all 3 issues, with reasonable success.

                80-20 Educational Foundation's Belief
   Before Asian Americans become EQUAL citizens, our elite must do their share to help. Our rich must NOT BE STINGY. Our powerful must NOT BE TIMID.

                          What We Can All Do!
   Please (a) forward this e-newsletter far and wide. Hopefully, it will reach some of our "rich and powerful" and their children, for our elite to reflect on their obligations. (b) Post your comment, and help correct any inaccuracy that I might have made in this article, especially regarding the donation record of our rich. We need to know the truth before we may cost effectively advance our own causes. There will be parts 2 and 3 discussing obligations of our "rich & powerful" BEFORE we reach our equal citizenship.

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   It takes a village, friends. We must each do our part.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer president
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.

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