Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NY Times Quotes 80-20's Amicus Brief

[A] Good News
   NY Times published a long article entitled "Asian-Americans in the Argument" It quotes a paragraph from 80-20's amicus brief!. See http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/04/education/edlife/affirmative-action-a-complicated-issue-for-asian-americans.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0#
   The article starts with the picture of 8 U. of TX students. They all disagreed with their instructor who supported the "race-conscious" college admission.

   Alright, you guys!!!!!!!!

   Think hard now!

   Which Asian American organization has the ability to put YOU in the argument on big issues?

   In the SUPREME COURT, 80-20 EF's amicus brief advocating a "race-neutral" college admission has placed YOU in the argument!

   In the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, 80-20 PAC's advocacy for an Asian Am. bloc vote placed YOU in the argument, as reported in LA Times, CNN, Politico, and all other major TV channels for a delivered 74% bloc vote.

   Who BUT the 80-20 Initiative has the ability to PLACE YOU IN THE ARGUMENT i.e. MAKING YOU RELEVANT IN AMERICA!

[B] Bad News
   In the military court of INjustice, Sgt. Jeffery Hurst, who not only permitted his subordinates to racially and physically abuse Danny Chen, but also led in such abuses, was acquitted of all serious charges except for dereliction of duties. According to a news release from Fort Bragg:

   "Hurst was sentenced to reduction in rank to E4 and hard labor without confinement for 45 days by a panel of eight officer and enlisted members. The military judge for the Hurst court-martial was Col. David Robertson. The prosecution team consisted of Maj. Joshua Toman and Maj. Stephen Hernandez, and the defense team was civilian counsel Haytham Faraj and Capt. Jamie Gurtov."

   Asian Ams who STILL want to join the US Army are clearly placing their lives at risk, because those who want to abuse them can do so without due repercussion. What a shame for the US military!

   There are two more trials. 80-20 EF is contemplating further action when those two "trials" are done. What a shame!

[C] What Do You Want?
   Results like those described in [A] or [B]?

   For results in [B] just sit back, relax and continue to suck it up. For results in [A], you need to think about what YOU are willing to do to help make 80-20 stronger? For donating to EF, a tax exempt organization, click on http://www.80-20educationalfoundation.org/donate/donate.asp

   You make your own destiny.

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