Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Demand Justice for Danny Chen

       Did we forget Danny Chen's tragic death? NO!!

Danny Chen was American by birth AND by choice. He defied his 
parents' objection to join the Army. But he was RACIALLY & physically brutalized
to committing suicide by 8 of his superiors in his Company.

   Sgt Jeffrey T. Hurst will be tried from Nov. 5th to 9th. He is largely responsible for the suicide of Danny Chen. Our government's charge transcription states, "Hurst . . unlawfully killed . . Danny Chen . . by hazing and maltreating and negligently allowed (subordinates) to haze and maltreat .." 

   o Hurst, a sergeant, could have stopped his subordinates like Spc. Offut (6 months in jail & kicked out of the army) and Spc. Curtis (3 months in jail and reduction by 3 ranks from E-4 to E1) from abusing Danny.
   o Hurst not only didn't stop the E-4s from racially and physically abusing Danny Chen, he led both abuses. It is dereliction of duty, reckless endangerment, maltreatment of a subordinate, violation of of lawful general regulation, and negligent HOMICIDE.
   o Hurst led racial abuse by calling Danny "racially disparaging terms including "dragon lady," zipperhead," and "fortune cookie" or words to that effect." He also "negligently failed to prevent …Spc. Offutt and...Curtis from using ..terms including "Jackie Chen," "Fortune Cookie,"  . . "Soy Sauce," and "Dragon Lady," . . as it was his duty to do."
   o Hurst led the hazing of Danny Chen. He "unlawfully tied a sandbag to the wrist, or arm of … Danny Chen . . ." The above quoted paragraph was in the government's original charge sheet, but was dropped on April 23, 2012. However, the charge that "Hurst hazed Danny" still stands, except that it is not longer so explicit.
   o Quoting the government's charge sheet, "HURST . . negligently caused Private (E-2)Danny Chen to take his own life with a firearm, . . ." and "conduct likely to cause death or grievous bodily harm to Private (E-2) Danny Chen, . . "

   LOGIC & JUSTICE DEMAND that Hurst be penalized more than Spc. Offutt.
Hurst is higher in rank. He failed to stop the racial and physical tormenting of Danny Chen by Offutt and others. Indeed, Hurst led!

   Demand Justice! Our national se 4ce curity depends on a just court in the military system. Stay focused! Two more trials will be coming soon.

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S. B. Woo. A volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.