Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Opportunities Lost by AsAms

This e-newsletter affects Asian Ams. nationwide!

Opportunities Lost by AsAms !

Please read and internalize. Our becoming first class citizens
depend on YOUR understanding of their implications!

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2008 CA general election statistics*:

Number of CA voters in 2008 presidential election: 13.7 million
Number of CA Asian American voters in 2008: 1.1 million

2010 CA primary election statistics**

Number of voters in 2010 Rep. primary: 1.6 million
No. of votes for Fiorina, winner, US Senate GOP primary: 0.9 million
Number of voters in 2010 Dem. primary: 1.6 million
No. of votes for Harris, winner, Attorney General: 0.55 million

Note: Only 3.2 million CA voters voted in yesterday's primary, i.e. only 1
out of every 4 persons
who voted in the 2008 general election
bothered to vote in the 2010 primary -- a common pattern
throughout USA. Yesterday, was when AsAms in CA could have been
political kingmakers, Opportunities Lost!

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Seize the Next Opportunity !

Irish, Polish, Italian and Jewish immigrants gained their first class
citizenship through the POLITICAL PROCESS! What? Translate that please!
Be of sufficient influence in elections so that politicians will share your
rightful concerns.

How? Through California's primary elections.

Why? Because we have the highest % of voters in CA, & because
only 1 out of 4 other voters bother to vote, so we'll have
sufficient influence in primary elections if all AsAms vote &
vote in a bloc.

Do you have empirical facts to back up your proposal?
Yes. 80-20 secured Pres. Obama's extremely significant
commitments to the Asian Am. community through the 2008
presidential primary in CA.

OK, I'm with you now. Does that mean we don't pay attention
to all other elections?

No. CA primaries will be the most cost-effective. But other elections are
still important. Examples are CA's next gubernatorial and US senate
elections, and all other Congressional elections which are very closely
contested where our bloc vote can play the deciding role.

Do you see a connection between your own interests & US elections?
Please comment via . Thanks.

Respectfully your,

S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation