Thursday, December 4, 2008

Good news - a great Talent Bank

A great Talent Bank of Asian Am. jurists is in the forming!

In 3 days, the list of Asian Ams jurists expressing interest to be appointed an Article 3, life-tenured Federal District or Circuit Court judge already includes

2 supreme court justices of large states,
a Law School Dean,
a General Counsel & a Chief Legal officer of Fortune 500 companies,
a Deputy Mayor of a large city,
a Managing Partner of a law firm,
many distinguished law professors, and
many prominent lawyers.

The above is only the beginning of a FABULOUS talent bank of qualified Asian Am. jurists in every Federal judicial district, and of course every circuit of the appeals courts is forming.

Apologists used to say that the lack of Asian American Federal judges (Only 7 out of 875) was due to the lack of interest by Asian American jurists.

With your help, 80-20 is proving the apologists wrong.

In the past, Asian Ams might not have applied for such positions, because they know that good jobs are usually NOT available to them regardless of their qualifications.

With your help, 80-20 has given all Asian Ams the courage and the backing to fight for equal opportunity.

Cynics still say don't trust President-elect Obama. See Q4 to Q6 of President-elect Obama's commitments at the end of this email.

With your help, 80-20 trusts President-elect Obama & shall deliver.

Forward this email to your friends in legal professions. Ask them to send their resumes to Hurry! Don't miss out. TOGETHER, we can help make America "a more perfect Union."

Notice how many times we've said "With your help." We meant it. We need your help to win equal opportunity for us and our children. Visit and DONATE. Thank you.


S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.

Woo's Foundation -- $7,000 Dr. Kenneth Fong -- $2,000
Mark Chen -- $1,500 Baltimore Family Foundation -- $1,000
Dr. Steven S. Ko
-- $1,000 Dr. Mimi C. Yu -- $1,000
Dominic Ng
-- $1,000

Commitment from President-elect Obama