Monday, February 25, 2008

How 80-20 Empowers Asian Am. Community

A lot of organizations talk about empowering Asian Ams. In varying degrees, we all try to. Here is how 80-20 UNIQUELY empowers Asian Americans.

Direct empowerment:

(1) The next Democratic Presidential Nominee gave iron-clad commit- ments to help us achieve equal opportunity in workplace & to be Federal judges. To see the commitments, visit

How it empowers us: The number of Asian Am. managers will double from the current 500,000 to 1,000,000 in about 10 years. The number of Asian Am. Federal judges will double or triple in about 4 years.

(2) Our 3 to 1 bloc vote for Sen. Clinton, whom 80-20 endorsed*, shocked America's political establishment. It was a stronger bloc vote than that of the Hispanics.

However it empowers us: Henceforth, our rightful concerns when taken up by 80-20 will get a fair hearing from America's power elite. Does 80-20 have proof for having such a claim? Yes. here is a recent example.

CNN did an unbalanced 2-minute report explaining why Asian Am. voted 3 to 1 for Hillary. 80-20 led a petition to ask CNN to a more balanced report. CNN nicely consented. See the new 2-minute CNN report below. Just click on the link:

Indirect empowerment & those who benefited recently

1) Asian Am. political leaders
For example, those Asian Am political/community leaders who negotiated with 80-20 on behalf of Senators Clinton & Obama were empowered by 80-20. Surprised? The first question 80-20 asked of those leaders was whether they had the full power to negotiate. If not, why bother negotiating? Inevitably, those leaders were then thusly authorized! In future elections, big name politicians will court them more, knowing that our votes count.
2) Scholars in Asian American studies
Their studies/views will be more sought after by Am's political elite including the media. The power elite realizes that given a politically cohesive Asian Am. community, it needs to understand our community more. Our government will surely fund more studies of Asian Ams.
3) Asian American ethnic media
America's power elite will now want to maintain a relationship with our media. They or their surrogates will begin to seek meeting with the editors of ethnic papers. Soon, our presidential candidates may begin advertising in our media just like they had with Hispanic media.

Every example given above actually happened recently.

Conclusion: A rising tide raises all ships. YOU, whatever you do, will be empowered. When our community has more managers, Federal & state officials/judges, and gains more clout with America's political elites, all Asian Americans will directly & indirectly benefit.

Respectfully yours,
S. B. Woo President, 80-20 Educational Foundation

*80-20 could have endorsed Obama, had Obama reply with all yeses but Clinton refused.