Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Political Secrets I: Why is a bloc vote so powerful?

Once a month, you'll read here political secrets that made Cuban
Americans & Jewish Ams who are so small in numbers and yet so powerful
politically. This series is designed to empower YOU politically so that
TOGETHER we'll win equal opportunity and justice in America.
S. B. Woo

Subject: Why is a bloc vote so powerful?

David Broder, America's most respected political columnist, stated that
a bloc vote is "one of the unnoticed glories of American life." Why?
Because a bloc vote can make a small minority politically powerful
to protect themselves.

A bloc vote is, in the short run, much more effective than giving millions
of $$$ to politicians and/or registering tens of thousands of new voters
each year. Here is why.

One year, a Democratic presidential nominee (DPN) was running against
a Republican nominee (RPN) in a certain state which has 12 million
voters. That state had a small Jewish Am. community of 1 million votes.
It could deliver a bloc vote of 80-20 to its endorsed candidate. The
general community had 11 millions votes but didn't practice bloc votes.

The DPN decided to focus on the general community. The RPC decided
to focus on the Jewish community. When the ballots were counted, the
DPN won the general community by a margin of 52% to 48%. (Recall that
the last two presidential elections resulted in much smaller margin of
difference than that.) Hence the DPN had a 4% advantage in the
11 million votes, or a winning margin of 440,000 votes.

The RPN won the Jewish vote by a margin of 80% to 20%. Hence the
RPC had a 60% advantage in 1 million voters. That is a net advantage of
600,000 votes. As a result, the RPN won!

Wow, the power of a bloc vote!

Actually, the above is NOT about a "certain state and Jewish Ams." It is
about "California and Asian Ams." AsAms in CA are 8% of CA's 12
million votes which are just about1 million votes! The story is about our
political power when we practice a bloc vote!

All presidential candidates understand the power of a bloc vote. That
was why 9 of the 11 presidential candidates in 2004 answered 80-20's
questionnaire in 2004 with YES/YES/YES. Their promises were in writing
and signed! Go see the signatures and what they had promised AsAms:

The above is the proof of the power of "Political Secret I."

Bush and Sharpton were the two who didn't respond positively.
Bush felt he could give up on CA and spend his money & effort more cost
effectively in Florida and Ohio. Too bad for us in 2004. BUT! 2008 is a
very different year.

GOP can no longer count on the "solid" South and Mid-West. Many
political experts have predicted that a RPN must try to win in CA.
Hence, GOP will have to either work with us or lose Calif and with it the
White House.

WITH YOUR HELP, 80-20 aims to use a bloc vote to get all presidential
candidates of 2008 to pay much more attention to our concerns!

More political secrets to come! Forward this SECRET now! Ask
your friends to join us in a bloc vote in 2008.

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