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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Clock is Ticking!

Why are some of us so partisan?  
                                      Look at the Big Picture 

When, God forbid, we are being sent to internment camps, &/OR
when our kids are being  discriminated in college admissions , &/OR
when we face  glass ceiling in workplace, &/OR
when we are  demonized  by the likes of Bob Beckel, &/OR
when we are beaten  with a baseball club by rednecks for "losing" their jobs, &/OR
when we are "accused  of spying until we are not " by FBI,

     Are we asked whether we are Democrats or Republicans?  Will either answer make a difference?  So, why are we so partisan?

                                  Look at 80-20 

     80-20 is NOT partisan.  Our aim is to help all Asian Ams become equal citizens. Our methodology is to lead a swing bloc vote.   Why?  To induce both political parties to compete to serve our rightful interests by appealing to each party's own self-interest which is winning the next election.  

                      Is 80-20 a Democratic Front?  Here are the facts.

1. Democrats are for "race preference" in college admission.  80-20 has led the AsAm community to oppose race preference admissions since May, 2012.

2. CA Democratic leadership engineered the SCA-5 -- a CA  constitutional amendment to permit "race preference" admissions.  80-20 helped stop it.  See what Economist, a prestigious international weekly newspaper, has to say about 80-20's role in "STOP SCA-5."

     "THE 80-20 initiative, an Asian-American lobby group, scored its first big success last October when it forced Jimmy Kimmel, a television host, to apologize (in writing) ... This week the group pulled off a more edifying win, defeating an attempt to allow Calif. universities to take account of race when deciding whom to admit."

3. When 2 Democratic politicians in CA betrayed the rightful interests of AsAms, 80-20 declared to drive them out of politics (Sen. Leland Yee and Assemblyman Paul Fong).  80-20 delivered.

     Look into the  background of those who have lied about 80-20.  Do these liars' livelihood depend heavily on the fortune of the Republican Party?  In contrast, 80-20's leadership has no position with the Democratic Party.  Nor will they accept federal government appointments.

     80-20 doesn't endorse candidates who are not willing to give written promises to help AsAms achieve equal opportunity

     Not a single Republican presidential candidate has answered 80-20's questionnaires.  So none was endorsed.  In contrast, Obama, Biden and H. Clinton did.  Indeed, which Republican candidate did answer our questionnaire while her Democratic opponent didn't, and was endorsed by 80-20?  WhoMeg Whitman  who ran against Jerry Brown for CA governor.

THINK.  Would you want 80-20 to support politicians with our bloc vote,  without a written promise?  Is that politically wise?

 Asian Am. Republicans:
     Please help our community build a great war chest, SELF.  Empowering ourselves is the only real answer.

    The Clock is Ticking.   DONATE TODAY!  Help recruit Republicans .  We are only $2k/yr short of $800,000/yr for 5 yrs.   Which two persons  will get us there?

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative

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