Monday, October 16, 2017

Dept. of Justice investigating Harvard

Our Side MayBe Heard!

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Department of Justice Investigating Harvard for 
   alleged discrimination against AsAm students

    Many news sources, including Harvard's student paper The Crimson, have reported that the Department of Justice has, by inference, admitted that it is "actively investigating Harvard" for alleged discrimination against AsAms.   

    The complaint, which the DOJ under Obama didn't want to investigate, was first filed by a group of "64 AsAm Associations" in 2015.  When the DOJ under Trump gave hints that it might investigate, 5 Democratic elected officials wrote to the DOJ to discourage the investigation.  Immediately after, 80-20 EF wrote to

    (1) Attorney General Sessions and DoED Secretary Betsy DeVos to encourage the investigation, and

     (2) the 5 Democratic officials and the Democratic National Committee to register our disappointment with their action.
     Our strategy to mount a "3-pronged Attack on Admissions Inequity" is seemingly working.   For details about the 3-prongs, click on  For a review of the "UGLY facts on discri-mination against AsAm youth", click on

           A Phone Conversation with Senator Tom Carper (D, DE)
                         & a former DOJ official under Obama

    S. B. Woo e-mailed "UGLY facts on ..." to his friends.  US Senator Tom Carper (D, DE), 2 generals, 1 admiral and many other VIPs wrote back expressing interest.  Sen. Carper asked his staff and me to help him "drill down on this information".  

   As a result, Sen. Tom Carper, his aide, and a former DOJ official under Obama, who had direct involvement in the decision not to investigate the compliant by the "64 AsAm Associations", and I had a 40 minute phone conversation a few days ago.  Since this former DOJ official was on the opposing side, I am delighted to report that all the facts cited in the "UGLY facts on ...were not disputed.   Sen. Carper expressed continued interest in "UGLY facts on .."  There will be further conversations.

   Note that the EF and the "64 AsAm assocs" both seek to end discrimination against AsAms.  However, the "64 assocs." seek "race neutral admissions."   80-20 EF embraces diversity and focuses on ending the discrimination against AsAm youth.  

      Induce Harvard to begin an internal re-examination 
                  of its discriminatary admissions policy           

    Please forward this e-newsletter to anyone who is associated with Harvard.   Do your part to stimulate an internal debate within the Harvard community on its discriminatory admissions policy against Asian Ams.  


S. B. Woo  

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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Monday, October 9, 2017

Lowest success rate in NSF proposals

NSF is Nat'l Science Foundation; PI is principal investigator

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               Wake up, Fellow Asian Americans!

    Why do AsAms always rank the lowest or the least in competitions?  
Because discrimination against us is sanctioned by our government!  Don't believe it?  Read on.

                  All Major Discrimination against AsAms is
                              GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED

1)   Why do we have the lowest admissions rates in graduate & under-graduate schools, although our academic credentials are the best?

    Because our Supreme Court, Dept. of Education and Dept. of Justice have permitted it.  In other words, this discriminatory practice is SANCTIONED BY GOVERNMENT!

      2) Why do AsAms have the lowest glass ceiling for AsAms in work places, although the people we've trained have often risen much higher?

    Because the Dept. of Labor refused & still refuses to apply Executive Order 11246 to help AsAms to break the glass ceiling, although DOL pushed this powerful law hard to get rid of the glass ceilings for blacks and women.  In other words, our glass ceiling was and still is SANCTIONED BY GOVERNMENT!

     3) Why do AsAm PIs have the lowest success rate in NSF proposals funding rate, although they may have the higher perhaps even the highest average publication rate?

     NSF just released the following report (See middle of p. 2):  The success rate for proposals from PIs was White 24%; from Hispanics or Latin PIs was 20%; from Black/African-Am. PIs was 18%; from Asian PIs was 17%.  We are always the last! 

    Why?  Why?  Why? Because the House, Senate and White House Committees of science that are supposed to monitor NSF, didn't find such a statistical result abnormal.   In other words: SANCTIONED BY GOVERNMENT!

    If one of the committee chairs would ask a question such as that posed in 3) and request a special report on these success rates next year, if the same pattern holds, chances are NSF will begin doing internal adjustments to be more fair to AsAm PIs right away.  80-20 EF, which is always extremely busy, may work towards that goal, if we can find time, and if many of you will write in to request it.  

                                Whose Fault is it?

     It's our government's fault.  It's 80-20's fault, because we are so poor in helping you understand the real world in America.  But it is also OUR collective fault.   So many of us just don't understand that a political problem requires a political solution i.e. support 80-20 Initiative*since 80-20 is by far the largest, the gutsiest and the most effective AsAm political organization.  80-20 has two components: 80-20 EF and 80-20 PAC.  

       AsAms have the lowest success rate in every important competition, although we seemingly have the best credentials/qualifications.  Is this the legacy you want to leave to your children?    If you want to make a difference, be politically wise and support 80-20.  
S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

*Some may ask, why not support AsAms to run for political offices?
Wouldn't that be even more effective?  NO!   Until we have reached a critical mass of AsAm politicians in Congress, most of current AsAm Congressional officials don't even dare ask questions about the GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED discrimination against us, much less do something about it.   However, 80-20 does urge you to support AsAms political candidates, who have a record of serving our community.  

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Monday, October 2, 2017

A 3-prong attack on admissions INEQUITY

Current status & prospects for all 3 prongs our attacks

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      To fulfill our generational responsibility to our offspringYOU want to
know the following.
                   Identifying the 3 Prongs of Attacks

1st Prong:   Aims to win through the federal District, Circuit, & Supreme Courts as well as the state courts

   Headed by:  Ed Blum and his Students For Fair Admissions group which 
                        is currently suing Harvard, U. of North Carolina, & U. of TX.
   Position:       College admissions should be race-neutral.
   Prospects:    If the Supreme Court gets another Republican appointee, 
                        then the prospects for victory shall be excellent.  
   Current status:  Great Progress!  Harvard was forced to submit 6 yrs of 
                             past admissions data.  Harvard President Faust gave a

2nd Prong: 
  Aims to win in the "Court of Public Opinion"

   Headed by:    80-20
   Position:         Embrace diversity; strongly oppose college admissions
                          that discriminate against Asian Americans
   Prospects:      Winning.  See proof in the next subsection. 
   Current status:  Pushing "UGLY facts on discrimination against AsAm
                              youth" nationally; Donated $15,000 to the 1st prong;
                              helping the 3rd prong to get its complaint investigated.

3rd Prong:   
Aims to win via its complaints filed with the Exec. Branch

   Headed by:    "64 Asian American Associations"
   Position:         College admissions should be race-neutral.
   Prospects:      Zero under a Dem. Administration; 
                          much brighter under a Republican Administration 
  Current status:Unexpected good fortune. Attorney General Sessions will
                          likely investigate the 2015 complaint filed by "64 AsAm
                          Assoc." against Harvard, that was ignored by the Obama

                 Winning in "Court of Public Opinion"

    Just compare the titles of articles published by major media outlets of the
past versus those of this year.  In the past, the titles did not acknowledge the existence of discrimination against AsAms. Nowadays, the titles not only acknowledge the existence of discrimination but also condemn it.

    Note that titles are made up by editors, not by reporters or authors. Hence the change in tone in titles implicitly reveals a change in the perception by editors in major media, which means we are winning in the "Court of Public Opinion. 

(1) New York Times:

(2) Washington Post:

   11/21/2014 "Harvard's Asian Problem" 
    8/6/2017   "What is Harvard Hiding?" (This was an WSJ editorial!)

        The 3-prongs must work together &
        YOU must do your share

   The 3-prongs take slightly different positions, while sharing the same goal - stop discriminative admissions policy against Asian Am youth. Winning in the "Court of Public Opinion" was helped greatly by the efforts of the 1st and 3rd prongs, and in turn helps the other two prongs.

    YOU are probably very tired of hearing 80-20's pleading with you to do your share.  Please think.  Can such a big battle be won without a ground swell of support from the AsAm community i.e. YOUR participation?


S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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Monday, September 18, 2017

A senator, a general, an admiral and many VIPs responded

Do your share & the truth will spread

Public WeChat account ID is: 8020ef.  Please scan our QR code, 
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                                         What Doers Do!

    Last Monday, 80-20 EF urged you to forward "UGLY facts on discrimination against Asian American youth" to your best friends, regardless of race.

     S. B. Woo has always done himself whatever he has urged you to do.  So he forwarded the powerful data to 2 US senators, 2 governors, 2 retired generals, 2 retired admirals, 3 chiefs of staff for US senators, many mainstream reporters and a lot of other VIPs.  

     He asked them to read it and just tuck the shocking but true information  somewhere in their cognitive system.  He also told them that the info contained in the "UGLY facts" has never been disputed by anyone, not even by the Ivy League college presidents who have acknowledged receiving the "UGLY facts."

                              Reaping the Fruits of One's Hard Work

    He was surprised to receive many replies, including the following:

1) From U.S. Senator Tom Carper of Delaware:
    "Hi, S.B.  It's getting late, and I'll be rising at 5am in order to catch a 6:25am 
     train to DC tomorrow morning.  I have not had time to review carefully the                information that you've sent me tonight.  I'll try to take a closer look at it in 
    the morning on the train and, then, discuss it with my senior staff in the 
     morning once I've arrived in the Hart Building.  Once we've had a chance 
     to drill down on this information, we'll be back in touch later this month
     My very best to you and Katy!  Take care.  tom" (Emphasis added)

2)  From a retired general (name withheld by S. B. since the general is not a
     public person any more and he was replying to S. B. as a friend, not to EF.)
     "My observations of Asians in America are that they do exceptionally well in 
      the managerial, technical, military and educational fields of endeavor.  I 
      cannot comment on the statistics in your note. ..... Tucked it away, I did, in 
      (what is left of) my memory.   As always, SB, I appreciate your 
      thoughtfulness."  (The 2nd emphasis was added) 

3) From a retired admiral  (name withheld by S. B. for the same reasons)  
     The admiral even had a question about our data: "On the medical school  
     acceptance, I noted that the GPAs stopped at 3.8.  .... (A Medical professor) 
     "told me that medical school acceptance criteria started at 3.6 and only 
      rarely accepted anyone below a 3.6 GPA.  It would be interesting to 
      examine the data for Asian-American students with GPAs 3.8 and above."

   My reply to the Admiral: " .... The following information will fill out the gaps      
   your pointed out to me.  As it turns out, the new data do not change the big
   picture  - Asian Ams, a historically disadvantaged minority, have lower
   acceptance % than whites, except in two areas shown in green. 

       (red letters indicate New categories.  Numerals in green show Asian 
        acceptance rates higher than those of whites, only by decimal points.)
AND GPAS 3.8-4.5
MCAT  24-26   27-29    30-32    33-35    36-38    39-45
GPA3.8-4.03.80-4.0  3.80-4.0  3.80-4.0  3.80-4.0  3.80-4.0

  Did you do your share by forwarding the "UGLY facts" to let
"The World know"?   If you did not, do it now.

    We are deeply grateful to all who have done your share to help our children gain equal opportunity.


S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

PS:  Want to watch "SMALL Enough To Jail" by PBS?  I recommend it.  Click on .  We salute the courageous Sung Family for winning one for us.  Was the incident caused by racism?  Partly.  But another reason is that we are SMALL and weak.  Most human beings "accommodate the strong and step on the weak."  We as a community are sooooo weak.  That is how 80-20 is different. 80-20 tries very hard to help make ALL OF US strong!

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