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Monday, August 14, 2017


Mail 2 letters to fulfill our GENERATIONAL responsibility

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                Rise and Act!
  Mail 2 letters to Win in the 'Court of Public Opinion' for Our Children 
Background Information:
     There are about 5000 media outlets in the U.S. Three big ones have already sided with our point of view, since our "UGLY facts on ..." came out on Aug. 1st, as we fight for a level-playing field for our children.  They are: 
    (1) The Wall Street Journal editorial ("What is Harvard Hiding" - Aug. 6),
    (2) The Fox News opinion("Time for affirmative action to be based on income, not race" - Aug. 7), and
    (3) The Washington Post opinion ("Harvard's discrimination against Asian  Americans must end" - Aug 8)
      However, we need a thousand more such editorials and opinions from the big cites along the coasts to the small towns in middle America!
Who will perform this immense task?  
    You and 80-20 will do it TOGETHER!  80-20 NEVER asks AsAms to do anything, without doing much more itself.  Hence, the Board of 80-20 Educational Foundation, EF, has appropriated a war chest of $250,000 for this campaign.   It could be used to buy full-page ads in the NY Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune to appeal to the conscience of our nation about the plight of our children.  The full-page ads will show
    (a) The UGLY facts of discrimination against AsAm youth, and 
    (b) the names and locations of about 1,000 US media outlets that we expect will have already sided with us, asking Harvard and its likes to change their  discriminatory admissions policy.     
     You can keep a copy of this ad to point to with pride at the names of the local media that you've worked on and convinced, as you tell your grandchildren the story of your share in this struggle. Your contribution will go down in history.
What will YOU Need to Do?
     NOT THAT MUCH!   You do need the determination & guts to stand up for our children.  Step (1) may be a little challenging.
(1) Click here and print 2 copies each of "UGLY facts on discrimination against AsAm youth" of 4 pages. Use the best print quality.
(2) Use the internet to find out the the postal address of 1 state-wide and 1 local or ethnic newspaper in your locality.  Remember that there will be others in your state making similar efforts.
(3) Send a copy of our "UGLY facts ..." to those 2 addresses, together with a cover letter whose template is shown in the footnote below.  Sign it with 2 to 10 names, complete with signers' respective postal addresses and phone numbers.   Post it.
(4) Send an email, letting me know that you've "DONE YOUR NOBLE SHARE and the names of the two media." 80-20 will recognize you publicly.
      Within one year, we will have won in the Court of Public Opinion, for our children, especially after the full-page ads will have come out, at a cost of $250,000.  Harvard will feel our pressure. 
      Is 80-20 Certain to Spend the $250,000? 
     YES! If 80-20 receives 3,000 emails, within 1 month, with a message: "I've done my NOBLE share," we will launch our media campaign. Whether we get 1,000 positive media responses or not, the message of the discrimination against our children will have been made well-known to the nation.
     NO! If 80-20 doesn't receive even 1,500 emails with the right message. 80-20 won't fight, if YOU, our bosses, are not willing to fight. In such a case, 80-20 will deeply regret not having served our community well. YOU will forever have it on your conscience that you let this great opportunity pass to help pave a level playing field for your offspring.


Please forward this email to like-minded friends who would also be willing to mail 2 letters.
S. B. Woo 
President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

"Dear Editors: We, the undersigned, would like to have the enclosed facts, circulated by the 80-20 Educational Foundation since August 1, published in your distinguished paper.  (An electronic copy of the same info. is available at  Since then, similar opinions have been published in the New York Times ("Affirmative Action Battle Has a New Focus: Asian-Americans" - Aug. 3, 2017), the Wall Street Journal editorial ("What is Harvard Hiding" - Aug. 6, 2017), the Fox News Opinion ("Time for affirmative action to be based on income, not race" - Aug. 7, 2017 ) and the New Yorker ("The Uncomfortable Truth About Affirmative Action and Asian-Americans" - Aug. 10, 2017).  Yet, not many people know about it in our great state. We would deeply appreciate it if you would make these ugly facts known to a broader audience.      
Sincerely,  names, locations and phone nos.)"
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Monday, August 7, 2017

Strong Support from WSJ's EDITORIAL!

The importance of "Ugly facts..":

80-20's public WeChat account ID is: 8020ef.  Please scan our QR code, shown below, & on 80-20 EF's WeChat site. For a Chinese version of thise-newsletter, click

              More Progress!

     One day after the NYT published an article, entitled "Affirmative ActionBattle Has a New Focus: Asian Americans", the Wall Street Journal stood like a giant for weak, dis-organized AsAms by publishing an EDITORIAL entitled "What Is Harvard Hiding?" The editorial ended by stating:

    "If colleges are enforcing quotas on qualified applicants merely because of their ethnicity, the term for that is one familiar to progressive academics: institutional racism." (Emphasis added)

    Both strong stands, by our nation's most prestigious newspapers, came a few days AFTER 80-20 EF published our "UGLY facts on discrimination against AsAm youth".  While we don't have direct evidence that those articleswere influenced by 80-20's "UGLY facts ...", there is circumstantial evidence. After all, few people have the patience to read through tens of legal documents in lawyerly language to understand the discrimination against us.    
80-20's service to the community was placing all the UGLY facts of discrimination against our children in one page and putting forth a determined effort to make America's decision-makers aware of it.
     Paragraphs 2 and 3 of the editorial are essentially item 3) of our "UGLY facts ...". Paragraph 4 is essentially item 2) of our "UGLY facts ...".  The WSJ's editorial's ending paragraph has elements of item 7) of our "UGLY facts ..." where  80-20 EF charged Ivy Leagues with forming "an apparent cabal."
       What is Needed to Win a Level-playing Field for Our Children?
    We can win it through the courts and/or DOJ investigation.  Or, we could win it through the Court of Public Opinion.   To do the latter, we need 20 more editorials like the one from the WSJ.   Now that we have a great one page "UGLY facts ...", we really need you to keep one copy yourself and forward it to as many friends,   AsAms or non-AsAms, as possible.  Forward it to your local papers. Here is its short URL: .  Do your share.  When you succeed in getting a positive editorial, let us know and we'll, in turn let our entire community know of your success.
    You do your share, and 80-20 will try to match your effort.  Soon, 80-20 will have an important announcement, taking the next step.
S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

PS:  EF got 1 article from the LA Times, and 2 from Asian Times, many interviews and a huge number of "thank you" emails this week.  One was so flattering that I passed it on to our Board to boost morale:  
      "One small step for 80-20, one giant leap for AsAms .. HooYaa!!" 
       from Chao Hsieh.  :-)
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Friday, August 4, 2017

3 Items of Great News

How 80-20 Helps AsAm Youth

80-20's public WeChat account ID is: 8020ef.  Please scan our QR code, shown below, & on 80-20 EF's WeChat site. For a Chinese version of the "UGLY facts ...", click

     Have you read "UGLY facts on discrimination against AsAm youth" yet?  If not, YOU, as an AsAm, NEED to know these ugly facts.                          

80-20 Did Its Share to Turn Lemons into Lemonade

   (1) On Aug. 2, The NY Times published a frontpage news, with the following summary: "The Trump administration is preparing to redirect resources of the civil rights division toward investigating and suing universities over affirmative action policies deemed to have discriminated against whitesa document says."   Since 80-20 deems that the investigation should be directed against discrimination against Asian Americans, EF President S. B. Woo sprang to action.   
      First, Woo submitted the following comment to NYT, which was published.
     "S. B. Woo Newark, DE 1 hour ago (Had 5 "thumbs up" by then) To read a summary of the  outrageous discrimination against Asian American youth committed by our nation's elite colleges, please click on . The AsAm community is weak and dis-organized. We don't have very capable spokespersons. We may also be too timid. However, if you care for one of our core values of "equal opportunity for all", please go take a look. " (emphasis added)
      Secondly, Woo emailed and called many Republican legalists and civil rights leaders, asking to work together to turn NYT's focus on the discrimination against AsAms. All agreed. He also sent "UGLY facts on discrimination against AsAm youth" to one of the NYT reporters, Stephanie Saul and had a long conversation with her. See the NYT article published the next day written by Stephanie Saul and a colleague, shown below.

    (2) A day later, on Aug. 3, NY Times article, published "Affirmative Action Battle Has a New Focus: Asian Americans".  The following excerpts may quicken your pulse:

   "The Justice Department, which has signaled that it is looking to investigate ... may well focus on Harvard.  The Harvard case asserts that the university's admissions process amounts to an illegal quota system".
See the evidence of a quota in item 3 of "UGLY facts ..."  
     "It falls afoul of our most basic civil rights principles, and those principles are that your race and your ethnicity should not be something to be used to harm you in life nor help you in life," said Edward Blum...".  

See the evidence of a "Asian tax" in item 2 of " UGLY facts...."   
    "Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., in his dissent, said the Texas plan discriminated against Asian-Americans, ...." .      
Actually 2 other Justices, including Chief justice John Roberts and Clarence Thomas also saw discrimination against AsAms. See item 6 of " UGLY facts......"
     "The Harvard lawsuit likens attitudes toward Asian-Americans to attitudes toward Jews at Harvard, beginning around 1920, when Jews were a high-achieving minority. In 1918, Jews reached 20 percent of the Harvard freshman class, and the university soon proposed a quota to lower the number of Jewish students."  

Harvard no longer steps on Jews, who are politically powerful. However, it still cowardly steps on AsAms who are weak & disorganized. See item 4 of "UGLY facts ..."       
      (3) To the credit of the Trump Administration and Attorney General Sessions, Dept. of Justice has signaled that it will investigate "intentional race based discrimination in college and university admissions."  It explicitly mentioned seeking "volunteers to investigate one administrative complaint filed by a coalition of 64 Asian-American associations in May 2015".  80-20 is one of the 64 AsAm associations.  The complaint was against Harvard.


S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

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