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Monday, September 29, 2014

To Serve on BOD! Step Up!

"He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served."       -- Waldo Ralph Emerson

                      Board of Donors is to be elected

   A Board of Donors, BOD, will be elected by donors (about 1400 persons) of 80-20's SELF project.  The BOD's functions will be:

1) to verify the existence of the escrow account on behalf of all donors,
2) to advise and help 80-20 accomplish its SELF fundraising goal,
3) be in complete control of $100,000 per year to forge UNITY of the AsAm community, starting Nov. 2015 when SELF is accomplished,
4) to draft a set of bylaws for the BOD in order to accomplish the above described functions, in consultation with 80-20 EF.

                                  Q&A regarding BOD

Q: Who are the voting members of the BOD?
   All who have donated $50 or more to SELF, up till 2 days before the day of the election of BOD, are voting members. Voting members may not only vote but also nominate self and/or others to run for BOD. You're to submit your nominations to the Election Committee via <>

Q: What are the voting powers of each donor?
   To encourage generosity, the bigger donors will have a bit more voting power. Those donating
$50 to $99 : 1 vote              $100 to $499: 2 votes
$500 to $999: 3 votes         $1,000 to $1,999: 4 votes
$2000 to $4,999: 5 votes     $5,000 or more: 6 votes

Q: Why would YOU want to be a BOD member?
   The BOD will have $100,000 in its complete control to distribute to any AsAm orgs. and/or projects which share the same goal as 80-20 and which see UNITY of the AsAm community as a must. Hence, an innovative and effective BOD member can make  a historic contribution to the forging 
of UNITY within the AsAm community. $100,000 is a lot of money. Currently, it is the combined annual budget of 80-20 PAC and EF.

Q: How many BOD Members will be elected?
   It depends. The more candidates we'll have, the more Board members we'll elect. All self nominations will be accepted. The prior consent of a nominee is required, if a donor is to nominate others.

Q: When will the election be?
    When we have 10 or more candidates.  All candidates will LATER need to provide a 150-word candidate statement listing her/his qualifications, visions and the number of hours per week he/she can give for Board related work.

   ASK YOURSELF: when has an AsAm organization set money aside to forge UNITY?  To the tune of $100,000/year?   UNITY after all, is the ultimate salvation  for a small minority like the AsAms.  80-20 works to improve your BIG interests that you yourself don't have the time and/or ability to achieve.

    So help 80-20 back.  It is unique.  It is worthy.  DONATE here.  Help SELF reach $400,000/yr for 5 yrs before its first anniversary on 10/21 ! 

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian American Educational Foundation, Inc.


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